Air Ambulance Value

Cost Effectiveness

Because you are working with the operator directly, you will not have to deal with mark-up costs, giving you the most cost effective air ambulance medical transport services. We can also help with insurance paperwork when needed.

  • For patients who need to be transported immediately by air ambulance service, our all-inclusive price quote will be competitive, with a low price guarantee. This means if you find the exact service on the same exact date and with same specifications that is lower priced, we will meet and even beat that price.
  • We offer several aircraft options including jet service (the fastest and most costly method of medical air transport) as well as lower-priced turboprops and twin engine aircraft. All planes are medically-equipped and safe.
  • Aircraft routinely return to base empty after dropping off a patient. If you are able to schedule your flight so that you can "piggy back" on an existing flight, you might be able to save thousands of dollars.