Safety and Comfort in the Air

Jet Charter Safety

Air Ambulance Services assures a seamless transition of critical care patients between two distant points at jet speed in comfort allowing you peace of mind. By using an air ambulance, we can land at smaller airports, allowing us to be closer in proximity to our patient. Many of our aircraft are equipped with state of the art Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) systems. This system permits us to fly at commercial airline altitudes to ensure the smoothest travel for the patient. Captains and First Officers are fully qualified and experienced, and they maintain recurrent training in accordance with FAA regulations. Our cabin doors are extra wide to allow ease of loading and unloading in comfort. We control and monitor cabin pressurization, temperature and flight profile to cater to the patient’s medical needs. This includes lowered cabin noise. Safety of the flight, and patient comfort is the focus of every aspect of our operations. All interior cabins are meticulously cleaned after each and every flight.

  • Our Pilot Requirements
  • Air Transport Pilot (ATP) Certified
  • Highest FAA pilot certification
  • Lear Jet Type Rating
  • Annual flight simulator training
  • Requalification checkrides every six months (Captains)
  • proprietary training specific to medical transportation