Turkmenabat Airport Emergency Flight Service

Turkmenabat Airport Details

Location: Türkmenabat, Lebap

Type: Medium Airport

Scheduled Service: Yes



Elevation: 630 Feet

Latitude: 39.0833

Longitude: 63.6133

Runways at Turkmenabat Airport

Turkmenabat Airport has 1 runway.

1 9022 Feet138 FeetASPYes

Radio Frequencies

Turkmenabat Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.

1 APPAPP125.800
2 GNDGND131.700
3 TWRTWR120.600

Tips for Chartering a Jet to Turkmenabat Airport

Tips for Chartering a Jet to Turkmenabat Airport

One of the examples that is great for the air ambulance service is that besides being useful it is also required by so many hospitals all over the city. Consider the example of a patient who needs to get the organ transplant done. The person could be staying in air ambulance services Türkmenabat while the donor who is the most suitable lives in another city which is at a distance from the city of the patient. During such a case the hospital does require that the organ get transplanted in less than 24 hours. This is when the emergency flight or also known as Medevac comes most in handy as it can simply go to the city of the donor and get the liver and have it delivered to the hospital of the patient to get the surgery done right away in the period that is allotted. This particular distance might also be too long for a helicopter to go back and forth

Emergency flights offered by air ambulance are very crucial services that can be the lifeline of a patient. Aircraft used for air medical aid have appropriate interiors and equipment that have advanced and vital life support aids. This is with exceptions of some military and charter aircraft. Though not much can be done about the levels of noise and in some aircraft, limited working space, efforts are usually made to have exceptional equipment which is space-saving and conveniently placed. Pressures in the aircraft cabins are standardized and expert aviation medics have the advanced knowledge to deal with expected or unexpected changes in pressure. The equipment and interiors of these emergency flights make patients who are sometimes tourists or travelers, feel safe to be evacuated to their preferred or authorized medical assistance providers. Reliable air ambulance services Türkmenabat, medevac are available and can mean the difference between life and death.

Tired of getting stuck in an airport with a waiting period of hours? Flights are delayed, cancelled and running late through big airline companies all the time. Held up through security lines, crowded lines for security checks, having to half-strip to get through a gate is a frustrating way to travel. With a chartered jet, you dont have delays. Check frustration at the gate with a chartered jet in Turkmenabat Airport. Charter companies arent in such a rush to accommodate huge crowds of people. Your luggage makes it in one piece, and you make your destination site on time. Charter planes are the ultimate luxury in the travel industry in terms of anxious periods with security checks, more personal service and quiet flights to accomplish that last minute nap before landing.

When one thinks of air travel, images of long lines, flight delays, and security screenings are immediately displayed on the minds of many. If one can afford it, why not consider chartering a private jet Turkmenabat Airport. They fly according your schedule, no waiting for the person ahead of you in line to put their oversize baggage in the undersized overhead compartment, and best of all it is simple luxurious. Many private airplane charter companies offer a variety of "flight equipment" choices from small jets with seating for up to 4 to spacious airline jets that are capable of transporting 800 plus passengers. Many companies even charter luxury helicopters for making an impressive appearance at a local dinner club or taking the family on an outing. Whatever your fancy there are many choices available.