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Using Private Jet Charters for Your Trip to King Abdullah II Air Base

There are some situations that arise and require urgent responses. Accidents, injuries and ailments should not be taken for granted since death or further complications can become eminent.Medical air transport does not only offer fast services but rather this system is very convenient. The main issue with road ambulance system is with delayed traffic. With air transportation system, issues of congestion are eliminated. Time is of essence when dealing with emergency situations since a slight delay can have serious implications. Sadly enough, there are those who have lost their lives simply because quick action was not taken. The air ambulance service Az Zarga have provided the residents with an efficient medical transportation response unit. You are therefore advised to use medical air ambulance services in case of such kind of emergency so as to save life.

Using Private Jet Charters for Your Trip to King Abdullah II Air Base

Forget about getting to the airport two hours early just to wait in long security lines. When you hire a private jet, you can arrive moments before departure and settle in immediately without standing in line for hours. Private jets usually take off from small airports, not big commercial ones that attract big amounts of traffic, so you spend less time sitting in the car stuck in traffic. These conveniences make traveling by private jet to King Abdullah II Air Base easy and stress-free. Forget about sitting in cramped seats with no style. Private jets are the epitome of luxury and are styled to treat the senses. Stretch your legs out and recline all the way without bothering your fellow passengers. Rest easily on plush seats designed for comfort. On your next trip to King Abdullah II Air Base, travel in style on a private plane.

One can never know when a medical related emergency can come up. The patient can appear normal and in a matter of seconds, the whole drama may begin. Being in a position to handle such unexpected times is very important. The patient may be suffering from certain pre existing conditions such as; epilepsy, severe asthma, heart ailments and organ complications among many others. Transporting this person to a medical facility is very necessary. If you are in a destination where the road system would not be efficient enough then the medical air transport system can provide the much needed help. The air ambulance service Az Zarga systems have provided efficient ,safe and reliable services to patients who require air lifting services. This air crafts are fitted with high quality emergency room equipments.

Large Airports in Jordan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Queen Alia International Airport Amman AMM

Medium Airports in Jordan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Al Azraq / Al Shaheed Muwaffaq Salti Air BaseOJ40
Amman-Marka International AirportAmmanADJ
Aqaba King Hussein International AirportAqabaAQJ

Small Airports in Jordan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Al Ghadaf Highway StripJO-0006
Al Jafr 2 Air BaseJO-0003
Al Qatranah Highway StripJO-0007
Al Quwayrah Highway StripJO-0008
Azraq Highway StripJO-0004
Highway H Highway StripJO-0009
King Feisal bin Abdul Aziz / Al Jafr Air BaseJO-0002
King Hussein Air CollegeMafraqOMF
Prince Hasan Air BaseOJHF
Wadi El Murbah Highway StripJO-0005
Zarqa AirportZarqaOJ38