Hrodna Airport Emergency Flight Service

Hrodna Airport Details

Location: Hrodna, Hrodna Voblast

Type: Medium Airport

Scheduled Service: Yes



Elevation: 443 Feet

Latitude: 53.602

Longitude: 24.0538

Runways at Hrodna Airport

Hrodna Airport has 2 runways.

1 2172 Feet92 FeetASPNo
2 8399 Feet138 FeetCONYes

Radio Frequencies

Hrodna Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.

1 APPAPP134.500

Hrodna Airport Private Jets Make It Easier

Hrodna Airport Private Jets Make It Easier

When choosing an air ambulance service company one has to put several factors in mind to ensure that they receive quality air medical services worth their money and that will not put their health at risk. The reputation of the company should be at the top of the list. Medical service is a very crucial issue and should always be handled by professionals. This is proven by specific licenses as required by laws of specific countries. Large corporations can benefits from medical air transport Hrodna, air ambulances. Before paying for emergency flights one should ensure that they are aware of all logistics involved. They should know who is to organize for their ground transportation from the departure to the landing locations. Be aware of how many people can accompany the patient and even any additional costs will be incurred. Confirm the exact aircraft that will be provided and how long the flight will take.

One of the things to consider when it comes to a private jet charter to Hrodna Airport. A private jet charter company understands that the loss of time can equate to hundreds even thousands of dollars. Think about it when it comes to private jet chartering you can get a flight as little as a couple of hours. A lot of times if your schedule changes you can alter your destination with a phone call. Try that with a commercial flight! One can specifically drive up to the jet, board, and have a car waiting at the arrival destination. Private jet charters give the flexibility and put you at ease especially if you know that you are on schedule. You literally bypass the whole check-in at the terminal and the hassles of missing a flight. You can plan, board and arrive hassle free with Hrodna Airport.

If you are taking a trip by plane, you might want to consider the services of a private jet charter from Hrodna Airport instead. Although you may think it isn't affordable, if you book in advance, call several private companies, and find the best deals, it is a great way to save money, and still get the most comfortable method of travel. Especially if you book in advance, you will be guarnateed to save money on these services. Or, if you travel with a group of people you know, and split the cost between 5-10 friends, it will really be worth the cost. In fact, it will likely be cheaper than flying on a regular plane; but, you will be much more comfortable, and get to your destination much faster than by plane.