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Air ambulance services Bad Friedrichshall: Basic safety measures

One can search the service of private rental for many reasons when embarking on a journey. Convenience forms part of this travel way and is one of the factor that would entice anyone to hire a private jet. Delays that are caused by long waits are not a common part of the private planes since there are no other passengers on the flight. Once in the airport premise, you are welcomed directly into the booking office and ushered into the private jet without having to face any delays. It is worth mentioning that the common airports that host commercial flights are highly congested and hence the traffic to get there is quite tight. The case is different with the private jets rentals to Baden-Württemberg since the jets are situated in private airports that do not have much traffic.

When you or a relative are involved in an emergency or accident, sometimes it just is not enough to have a fast EMT service. Maybe a special center or PhD is needed and is too far away to be reached in time by an ambulance. When time is of the essence Medical Air Transport Bad Friedrichshall is what you can depend on to get you to the treatment you need. Air ambulances will get you or your loved one to the best health care facility without the delay of traffic, miles of road or other hazards found when driving in an emergency. When minutes are all you have take Medical Air Transport Bad Friedrichshall, it could mean a life of difference to you and your family.

Air ambulance services Bad Friedrichshall: Basic safety measures

Do you think that only the rich and famous fly by private jet? This used to be the case, however there are now private jets that are available for anyone to use. These jets are more cost effective than you might think, and are available for small groups or private groups. These jets have top rated FAA certified pilots with many years of experience. You will feel safe because these jets are maintained by the same top notch maintenance people that other large airlines use. Flights are available round trip or one way. If you think a private charter jet is for you and you live in the $PLACEarea, call today to find out how this charter company can make flying fun again. Save time and money by booking a charter plane and avoid all of the airport aggravations.

There are many ways to travel long distances these days. You could go by train, car, ship or commercial airline depending on where you are going. If you can afford it, however, private jet charters are the best way to fly. Private jet charters are more available than you think. There is a aircraft for every occasion; the size and type will vary depending on how far you are traveling. If you are traveling to Baden-Württemberg, for example, you'll want to tailor your jet choice to the best for that distance. Booking a private jet charter opens up many doors to a person, when you have to ability to choose your destination it can lead to very fun and exciting adventures to exciting new places.

There will come a moment in our lives when we will meet face to face with disasters, accidents, and other catastrophes that can cause damage to human lives. During these destructive times, the desired way to transport those who are injured to medical facilities and medicines to those who need it is by opting for the help of air ambulance services Bad Friedrichshall and medical air transport. However, it is for the best if you take the time to realize more information about these air ambulance company. You should look for an air ambulance company that has a good history, and there is no fatal accident or mishap that happened to the patient while on board the plane. Furthermore, you should look for one that can transport patients to any country all over the world.

Large Airports in Germany

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport Berlin SXF
Berlin-Tegel International Airport Berlin TXL
Bremen Airport BRE
Cologne Bonn Airport Cologne / Bonn CGN
Düsseldorf International Airport Düsseldorf DUS
Dresden Airport Dresden DRS
Frankfurt am Main International Airport Frankfurt-am-Main FRA
Hamburg Airport Hamburg HAM
Hannover Airport HAJ
Leipzig Halle Airport Leipzig LEJ
Munich International Airport Munich MUC
Munster Osnabruck Airport FMO
Nurnberg Airport NUE
Ramstein Air Base Ramstein RMS
Stuttgart Airport Stuttgart STR

Medium Airports in Germany

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Adolf Würth AirportSchwäbisch HallEDTY
Altenburg-Nobitz AirportAltenburgAOC
Augsburg AirportAugsburgAGB
Bayreuth AirportBayreuthBYU
Brandenburg-Briest AirportBrandenburg an der HavelEDUB
Braunschweig Wolfsburg AirportBWE
Buchel AirportETSB
Buckeburg AirportETHB
Celle AirportZCN
Coleman Army Air FieldETOR
Cottbus-Drewitz AirportCottbusCBU
Diepholz AirportDiepholzETND
Donaueschingen-Villingen AirportDonaueschingenZQL
Dortmund AirportDTM
Eisenach-Kindel AirportEisenachEDGE
Erding AirportETSE
Erfurt AirportErfurtERF
Fassberg AirportETHS
Fürstenfeldbruck AirportFürstenfeldbruckFEL
Frankfurt Hahn AirportHHN
Frankfurt-Egelsbach AirportEgelsbachQEF
Friedrichshafen AirportFDH
Fritzlar AirportFritzlarFRZ
Gütersloh AirportGüterslohGUT
Geilenkirchen AirportGKE
Grafenwohr Army Air FieldETIC
Hamburg-Finkenwerder AirportHamburgXFW
Heringsdorf AirportHDF
Hof-Plauen AirportHofHOQ
Hohenfels Army Air FieldETIH
Hohn AirportETNH
Holzdorf AirportETSH
Ingolstadt Manching AirportManchingIGS
Jever AirportETNJ
Karlsruhe Baden Baden AirportFKB
Kassel-Calden AirportKasselKSF
Kiel-Holtenau AirportKielKEL
Laage AirportRLG
Lahr AirportLHA
Landsberg Lech AirportETSA
Laupheim AirportETHL
Lechfeld AirportETSL
Lubeck Blankensee AirportLBC
Magdeburg AirportMagdeburgZMG
Mainz-Finthen AirportMainzQMZ
Mannheim-City AirportMannheimMHG
Mönchengladbach AirportMönchengladbachMGL
Memmingen Allgau AirportFMM
Mendig AirportETHM
Neubrandenburg AirportFNB
Neuburg AirportETSN
Niederrhein AirportWeezeNRN
Niederstetten AirportNiederstettenETHN
Nordholz AirportNDZ
Norvenich AirportQOE
Oberpfaffenhofen AirportOBF
Paderborn Lippstadt AirportPAD
Rheine Bentlage AirportZPQ
Roth AirportETHR
Rothenburg/Görlitz AirportRothenburg/OberlausitzEDBR
Saarbrücken AirportSCN
Schleswig AirportWBG
Schwerin Parchim AirportSZW
Siegerland AirportSGE
Spangdahlem Air BaseTrierSPM
Westerland Sylt AirportGWT
Wiesbaden Army AirfieldWiesbadenWIE
Wittmundhafen AirportETNT
Wunstorf AirportETNW
Zerbst AirportZerbst/AnhaltEDUZ

Small Airports in Germany

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aachen-Merzbrück AirportAachenAAH
Aalen-Heidenheim/Elchingen AirportAalenEDPA
Achmer AirportBramscheEDXA
Ahlhorn Air Force BaseAhlhornETNA
Ahrenlohe AirportTorneschEDHO
Ailertchen AirportAilertchenEDGA
Albstadt-Degerfeld AirportAlbstadtEDSA
Allendorf/Eder AirportAllendorfEDFQ
Allstedt AirportAllstedtEDBT
Altdorf-Wallburg AirportAltdorfEDSW
Altena-Hegenscheid AirportAltenaEDKD
Altenstadt Army AirfieldAltenstadtETHA
Ampfing-Waldkraiburg AirportAmpfingEDNA
Anklam AirportAnklamEDCA
Ansbach-Petersdorf AirportAnsbachQOB
Anspach/Taunus AirportAnspachEDFA
Arnbruck AirportArnbruckEDNB
Arnsberg-Menden AirportNeheim-HüstenEDLA
Arnstadt-Alkersleben AirportWülfershausenEDBA
Aschaffenburg AirportAschaffenburgEDFC
Aschersleben AirportAscherslebenEDCQ
Attendorn-Finnentrop AirportAttendornEDKU
Auerbach AirportAuerbach/Vogtl.EDOA
Babenhausen AirportBabenhausenEDEF
Backnang-Heiningen AirportBacknangEDSH
Bad Berka AirportBad BerkaEDOB
Bad Dürkheim AirportBad DürkheimEDRF
Bad Ditzenbach AirportBad DitzenbachEDPB
Bad Endorf Joll AirportEDPC
Bad Frankenhausen AirportBad FrankenhausenEDOF
Bad Gandersheim AirportBad GandersheimEDVA
Bad Kissingen AirportBad KissingenEDFK
Bad Langensalza AirportBad LangensalzaEDEB
Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler AirportBad NeuenahrEDRA
Bad Neustadt/Saale-Grasberg AirportBad Neustadt a.d.SaaleEDFD
Bad Sobernheim-Domberg AirportBad SobernheimEDRS
Bad Wörishofen-Nord AirportBad WörishofenEDNH
Bad Windsheim AirportBad WindsheimEDQB
Baden-Oos AirportBaden-BadenEDTB
Ballenstedt AirportBallenstedtEDCB
Baltrum AirportBaltrumBMR
Bamberg-Breitenau AirportBambergZCD
Barßel AirportBarßelEDXL
Barth AirportBBH
Bartholomä-Amalienhof AirportBartholomäEDPU
Baumholder Army Air FieldETEK
Bautzen AirportBautzenEDAB
Böhlen AirportBöhlenEDOE
Beilngries AirportBeilngriesEDNC
Berching AirportBerchingEDNI
Bergneustadt/Auf dem Dümpel AirportBergneustadtEDKF
Berlinchen AirfieldBerlinchenDE-0029
Betzdorf-Kirchen AirportBetzdorfEDKI
Biberach a.d. Riß AirportBiberach an der RißEDMB
Bielefeld AirportBielefeldBFE
Bienenfarm AirportNauenEDOI
Binningen AirportBinningenEDSI
Bitburg AirportBitburgBBJ
Blaubeuren AirportBlaubeurenEDMC
Blomberg-Borkhausen AirportBlombergEDVF
Blumberg AirportBlumbergEDSL
Bohmte-Bad Essen AirportBohmteEDXD
Bonn-Hangelar AirportBonnEDKB
Bonn-Hardthoehe Air BaseETHH
Bopfingen AirportBopfingenEDNQ
Bordelum AirportBredstedtEDWA
Borken-Hoxfeld AirportBorkenEDLY
Borkenberge AirportDülmenEDLB
Borkum AirportBorkumBMK
Bottenhorn AirportBottenhornEDGT
Brandenburg-Mühlenfeld AirportBrandenburg an der HavelEDBE
Breitscheid AirportBreitscheidEDGB
Bremerhaven AirportBremerhavenBRV
Bremgarten AirportBremgartenEDTG
Briesen Brand AirportEDUC
Brilon/Hochsauerlandkreis AirportBrilonEDKO
Bronkow AirportBronkowEDBQ
Bruchsal AirportBruchsalEDTC
Brugge Air BaseBGN
Burg AirportBurgEDBG
Burg Feuerstein AirportEbermannstadtEDQE
Celle-Arloh AirportCelleEDVC
Chemnitz/Jahnsdorf AirportChemnitzEDCJ
Coburg-Brandensteinsebene AirportCoburgEDQC
Coburg-Steinrücken AirportCoburgEDQY
Cochstedt AirportMagdeburgEDBC
Cottbus (Cottbus Army) AirportETHT
Dachau-Gröbenried AirportDachauEDMD
Dahlemer Binz AirportDahlheimEDKV
Damme AirportDammeEDWC
Deggendorf AirportDeggendorfEDMW
Dessau AirportDessauEDAD
Detmold AirportDetmoldEDLJ
Dierdorf-Wienau AirportDierdorfEDRW
Dingolfing AirportDingolfingEDPD
Dinkelsbühl-Sinbronn AirportDinkelsbühlEDND
Dinslaken/Schwarze Heide AirportBottrop-KirchhellenEDLD
Donauwörth-Genderkingen AirportDonauwörthEDMQ
Donzdorf AirportDonzdorfEDPM
Ebern-Sendelbach AirportEbernEDQR
Eberswalde-Finow AirportEberswaldeEDAV
Eggebeck Air BaseETME
Eggenfelden AirportEggenfeldenEDME
Eggersdorf AirportEggersdorfEDCE
Eichstätt AirportEichstättEDPE
Eisenhüttenstadt AirportEisenhüttenstadtEDAE
Ellwangen AirportEllwangenEDPY
Elsenthal Grafe AirportEDNF
Elz AirportLimburg an der LahnEDFY
Emden AirportEmdenEME
Emmel Airfield Dedelow AirportPrenzlauEDBD
Erbach AirportErbachEDNE
Essen Mulheim AirportESS
Falkenberg-Lönnewitz AirportUebigau-WahrenbrückEDUF
Fürstenzell AirportFürstenzellEDMF
Finsterwalde/Heinrichsruh AirportFinsterwaldeEDAS
Finsterwalde/Schacksdorf AirportFinsterwaldeEDUS
Flensburg-Schäferhaus AirportFlensburgFLF
Freiburg i. Br. AirportFreiburg im BreisgauEDTF
Friedersdorf AirportEDCF
Fuerstenwalde AirportEDAL
Fulda-Jossa AirportFuldaEDGF
Ganderkesee Atlas Airfield AirportGanderkeseeEDWQ
Gardelegen AirportGardelegenEDOC
Görlitz AirportGörlitzEDBX
Günzburg-Donauried AirportGünzburgEDMG
Güstrow AirportGüstrowEDCU
Gelnhausen AirportGelnhausenEDFG
Gera-Leumnitz AirportGeraEDAJ
Gerstetten AirportGerstettenEDPT
Gießen-Lützellinden AirportGießenEDFL
Gießen-Reiskirchen AirportGießenEDGR
Giebelstadt AirportGiebelstadtEDQG
Giebelstadt Army Air FieldETEU
Giengen/Brenz AirportGiengen an der BrenzEDNG
Goch-Asperden AirportGochEDLG
Gotha-Ost AirportGothaEDEG
Grabenstetten AirportGrabenstettenEDSG
Gransee AirportGranseeDE-0004
Grefrath-Niershorst AirportGrefrathEDLF
Greiz-Obergrochlitz AirportGreizEDOT
Griesau AirportPfatterEDPG
Großenhain AirportGroßenhainEDAK
Großrückerswalde AirportMarienbergEDAG
Grube AirportGrubeEDHB
Gundelfingen AirportGundelfingen a.d.DonauEDMU
Gunzenhausen-Reutberg AirportGunzenhausenEDMH
Haßfurt-Schweinfurt AirportHaßfurtEDQT
Halle-Oppin AirportOppinEDAQ
Hameln-Pyrmont AirportBad PyrmontEDVW
Hamm-Lippewiesen AirportHammEDLH
Hanau Army Air FieldZNF
Harle AirportHarlesielEDXP
Hartenholm AirportHasenmoorEDHM
Hölleberg AirportTrendelburgEDVL
Höxter-Holzminden AirportHöxterEDVI
Hünsborn AirportFreudenbergEDKH
Hüttenbusch AirportHüttenbuschEDXU
Heide-Büsum AirportBüsumHEI
Heidelberg Army Air FieldETIE
Helgoland-Düne AirportHelgolandHGL
Heppenheim AirportHeppenheimEDEP
Herrenteich AirportHockenheimEDEH
Herten-Rheinfelden AirportRheinfeldenEDTR
Herzogenaurach AirportHerzogenaurachEDQH
Hettstadt AirportHettstadtEDGH
Hetzleser Berg AirportNeunkirchen am BrandEDQX
Heubach AirportHeubachEDTH
Hildesheim AirportHildesheimEDVM
Hirzenhain AirportHirzenhainEDFI
Hockenheim AirportHockenheimEDFX
Hodenhagen AirportHodenhagenEDVH
Hoppstädten-Weiersbach AirportHoppstädtenEDRH
Husum-Schwesing AirportHusumEDXJ
Idar-Oberstein/Göttschied AirportIdar-ObersteinEDRG
Illertissen AirportIllertissenEDMI
Illesheim Air BaseETIK
Ingelfingen-Bühlhof AirportIngelfingenEDGI
Itzehoe/Hungriger Wolf AirportItzehoeEDHF
Jena-Schöngleina AirportJenaEDBJ
Jesenwang AirportJesenwangEDMJ
Juist AirportJuistJUI
Kamenz AirportKamenzEDCM
Kamp-Lintfort AirportRheinbergEDLC
Karlshöfen AirportKarlshöfenEDWK
Karlsruhe-Forchheim AirportEDTK
Köthen AirportKöthenEDCK
Kührstedt-Bederkesa AirportKührstedtEDXZ
Kehl-Sundheim AirportKehlEDSK
Kempten-Durach AirportKemptenEDMK
Kirchdorf/Inn AirportKirchdorf am InnEDNK
Kitzingen Army Air FieldETIN
Klein Mühlingen AirportCalbeEDOM
Klietz/Scharlibbe AirportScharlibbeEDCL
Klix AirportBautzenEDCI
Koblenz-Winningen AirportKoblenzEDRK
Konstanz AirportKonstanzEDTZ
Korbach AirportKorbachEDGK
Krefeld-Egelsberg AirportKrefeldEDLK
Kulmbach AirportKulmbachEDQK
Kyritz AirportKyritzEDBK
Lachen-Speyerdorf AirportNeustadt an der WeinstraßeEDRL
Lager Hammelburg AirportHammelburgEDFJ
Laichingen AirportLaichingenEDPJ
Landshut AirportLandshutEDML
Langenlonsheim AirportLangenlonsheimEDEL
Langeoog AirportLangeoogLGO
Langhennersdorf AirportFreibergEDOH
Laucha AirportLaucha an der UnstrutEDBL
Lauenbrück AirportLauenbrückEDHU
Lauf-Lillinghof AirportLauf an der PegnitzEDQI
Lauterbach AirportLauterbachEDFT
Lüchow-Rehbeck AirportLüchowEDHC
Lüneburg AirportLüneburgEDHG
Lüsse AirportLüsseEDOJ
Leck AirportLeckEDXK
Leer-Papenburg AirportLeerEDWF
Leipheim Air BaseLeipheimEDSD
Lemwerder AirportLemwerderXLW
Leutkirch-Unterzeil AirportLeutkirchEDNL
Leverkusen AirportLeverkusenEDKL
Lichtenfels AirportLichtenfelsEDQL
Linkenheim AirportLinkenheimEDRI
Locktow AirportLocktowDE-0006
Mainbullau AirportMiltenbergEDFU
Marburg-Schönstadt AirportMarburgEDFN
Marl-Loemühle AirportMarlEDLM
Mühldorf AirportMühldorf am InnEDMY
Mühlhausen AirportMühlhausenEDEQ
Münster-Telgte AirportMünsterEDLT
Meinerzhagen AirportMeinerzhagenEDKZ
Melle-Grönegau AirportMelleEDXG
Mengen-Hohentengen AirportMengenEDTM
Mengeringhausen AirportMengeringhausenEDVG
Meppe AirportETWM
Merseburg AirportMerseburgEDAM
Meschede-Schüren AirportMeschedeEDKM
Michelstadt/Odw. AirportMichelstadtEDFO
Mindelheim-Mattsies AirportMindelheimEDMN
Mosbach-Lohrbach AirportMosbachEDGM
Mosenberg AirportHomburgEDEM
Nabern/Teck AirportNabernEDTN
Nannhausen AirportSimmernEDRN
Nardt AirportHoyerswerdaEDAT
Nauen AirportEDCN
Nördlingen AirportNördlingenEDNO
Neuburg-Egweil AirportNeuburg an der DonauEDNJ
Neuhardenberg AirportNeuhardenbergEDON
Neuhausen AirportCottbusEDAP
Neuhausen ob Eck AirportNeuhausen ob EckEDSN
Neumagen-Dhron AirportNeumagenEDRD
Neumarkt/Obf. AirportNeumarkt in der OberpfalzEDPO
Neumünster AirportNeumünsterEUM
Neustadt-Glewe AirportNeustadt-GleweEDAN
Neustadt/Aisch AirportNeustadt an der AischEDQN
Nienburg-Holzbalge AirportNienburg/WeserEDXI
Nittenau-Bruck AirportNittenauEDNM
Norden-Norddeich AirportNorddeichNOE
Nordenbeck AirportEDGN
Norderney AirportNorderneyNRD
Nordhausen AirportNordhausenEDAO
Nordholz-Spieka AirportCuxhavenEDXN
Nordhorn-Lingen AirportKlausheideZOW
Northeim AirportNortheimEDVN
Ober-Mörlen AirportOber-MörlenEDFP
Obermehler-Schlotheim AirportObermehlerEDCO
Oberrissdorf AirportLutherstadt EislebenEDUO
Oberschleißheim AirportOberschleißheimEDNX
Ochsenfurt AirportOchsenfurtEDGJ
Oehna AirportZellendorfEDBO
Oelde Bergeler AirportEDLU
Oerlinghausen AirportOerlinghausenEDLO
Offenburg AirportOffenburgEDTO
Oldenburg-Hatten AirportOldenburgEDWH
Oppenheim AirportOppenheimEDGP
Oschatz AirportOschatzEDOQ
Oschersleben AirportOscherslebenFRF
Osnabrück-Atterheide AirportOsnabrückEDWO
Ottengrüner Heide AirportHelmbrechtsEDQO
Paderborn-Haxterberg AirportPaderbornEDLR
Pasewalk AirportPasewalkEDCV
Pattonville AirportPattonvilleEDTQ
Peenemünde AirportPeenemündeEDCP
Pegnitz-Zipser Berg AirportPegnitzEDQZ
Peine-Eddesse AirportPeineEDVP
Pellworm AirportDE-0005
Pennewitz AirportPennewitzEDOS
Pfarrkirchen AirportPfarrkirchenEDNP
Pfullendorf AirportPfullendorfEDTP
Pinnow AirportPinnowEDBP
Pirmasens AirportPirmasensEDRP
Pirna-Pratzschwitz AirportPirnaEDAR
Plettenberg-Hüinghausen AirportPlettenbergEDKP
Porta Westfalica AirportBad OeynhausenEDVY
Pritzwalk-Sommersberg AirportPritzwalkEDBU
Purkshof AirportRostockEDCX
Rügen AirportRügenEDCG
Rechlin-Lärz AirportLärzEDAX
Regensburg-Oberhub AirportRegensburgEDNR
Reichelsheim AirportReichelsheimEDFB
Reinsdorf AirportReinsdorfEDOD
Rendsburg-Schachtholm AirportRendsburgEDXR
Renneritz AirportSandersdorfEDOX
Rerik-Zweedorf AirportRerikEDCR
Rheine-Eschendorf AirportRheineEDXE
Riesa-Göhlis AirportRiesaEDAU
Rinteln AirportRintelnEDVR
Roitzschjora AirportRoitzschjoraEDAW
Rosenthal-Field Plössen AirportSpeichersdorfEDQP
Rotenburg (Wümme) AirportRotenburg (Wümme)EDXQ
Rothenburg o. d. T. AirportRothenburg ob der TauberEDFR
Rottweil-Zepfenhahn AirportRottweilEDSZ
Rudolstadt-Groschwitz AirportRudolstadtEDOK
Ruppiner Land AirportFehrbellinEDBF
Saarlouis-Düren AirportSaarlouisEDRJ
Saarmund AirportSaarmundEDCS
Salzgitter-Drütte AirportSalzgitterEDVS
Salzgitter-Schäferstuhl AirportSalzgitterEDVJ
Saulgau AirportBad SaulgauEDTU
Sömmerda-Dermsdorf AirportKölledaEDBS
Schameder AirportSchamederEDGQ
Schönberg AirportSeebruckEDPK
Schönebeck-Zackmünde AirportSchönebeckEDOZ
Schönhagen AirportTrebbinEDAZ
Schleswig-Kropp AirportSchleswigEDXC
Schmallenberg-Rennefeld AirportSchmallenbergEDKR
Schmidgaden AirportSchmidgadenEDPQ
Schmoldow AirportSchmoldowEDBY
Schwabach-Heidenberg AirportSchwabachEDPH
Schwabmünchen AirportSchwabmünchenEDNS
Schwandorf AirportSchwandorfEDPF
Schwarzheide/Schipkau AirportSchwarzheideEDBZ
Schwäbisch Hall-Weckrieden AirportSchwäbisch HallEDTX
Schweighofen AirportSchweighofenEDRO
Schweinfurt-Süd AirportSchweinfurtEDFS
Schwenningen am Neckar AirportVillingen-SchwenningenEDTS
Seedorf AirportSeedorfEDXS
Segeletz AirportNeustadtEDAI
Sierksdorf/Hof Altona AirportSierksdorfEDXT
Soest/Bad Sassendorf AirportBad SassendorfEDLZ
Sonnen AirportWaldkirchenEDPS
Speyer AirportSpeyerEDRY
Spremberg-Welzow AirportWelzowEDCY
Sprossen AirportRehmsdorfEDCH
St. Michaelisdonn AirportSankt MichaelisdonnEDXM
St. Peter-Ording AirportSankt Peter-OrdingPSH
Stade AirportStadeEDHS
Stadtlohn-Vreden AirportStadtlohnEDLS
Stölln-Rhinow AirportRhinowEDOR
Stechow-Ferchesar AirportStechow-FerchesarEDUA
Stendal-Borstel AirportStendalEDOV
Stralsund AirportStralsundEDBV
Straubing AirportStraubingRBM
Strausberg AirportStrausbergEDAY
Suhl-Goldlauter AirportGoldlauter-HeidersbachEDQS
Tannheim AirportTannheimEDMT
Taucha AirportTauchaEDCT
Templin/Groß Dölln AirportTemplinEDUT
Thalmässing-Waizenhofen AirportThalmässingEDPW
Thannhausen AirportThannhausenEDNU
Torgau-Beilrode AirportTorgauEDOG
Traben-Trarbach/Mont Royal AirportTraben-TrarbachEDRM
Treuchtlingen-Bubenheim AirportTreuchtlingenEDNT
Trier-Föhren AirportTrierEDRT
Tutow AirportDemminEDUW
Uelzen AirportUelzenEDVU
Uetersen/Heist AirportUetersenEDHE
Unterschüpf AirportUnterschüpfEDGU
Varrelbusch AirportCloppenburgVAC
Verden-Scharnhorst AirportVerden (Aller)EDWV
Vilsbiburg AirportVilsbiburgEDMP
Vilseck Army Air FieldETOI
Vilshofen AirportVilshofenEDMV
Vogtareuth AirportVogtareuthEDNV
Wahlstedt AirportWahlstedtEDHW
Walldürn AirportWalldürnEDEW
Walldorf AirportWalldorfEDGX
Wangerooge AirportWangeroogeAGE
Waren-Vielist AirportWarenEDOW
Wasserkuppe AirportGersfeldEDER
Würzburg-Schenkenturm AirportWürzburgEDFW
Weißenhorn AirportWeißenhornEDNW
Weiden in der Oberpfalz AirportWeiden in der OberpfalzEDQW
Weimar-Umpferstedt AirportWeimarEDOU
Weinheim/Bergstraße AirportWeinheimEDGZ
Welzow-Sedlitzer See AirportWelzowEDUY
Werdohl-Küntrop AirportWerdohlEDKW
Werneuchen AirportWerneuchenEDBW
Wershofen/Eifel AirportArembergEDRV
Wesel-Römerwardt AirportWeselEDLX
Weser-Wümme AirportRotenburg (Wümme)EDWM
Westerstede-Felde AirportWesterstedeEDWX
Wiefelstede/Conneforde AirportWiefelstedeEDWP
Wilhelmshaven-Mariensiel AirportWilhelmshavenWVN
Winzeln-Schramberg AirportSchrambergEDTW
Wipperfürth-Neye AirportWipperfürthEDKN
Wismar AirportWismarEDCW
Wolfhagen „Graner Berg“ AirportWolfhagenEDGW
Worms AirportWormsZQV
Wyk auf Föhr AirportWyk auf FöhrOHR
Zell-Haidberg AirportZell im FichtelgebirgeEDNZ
Zweibrücken AirportZweibrückenZQW
Zwickau AirportZwickauEDBI