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Tips for Chartering a Jet to South Denmark

In emergency flights, specialized medical personnel form the crew of the flights. The exact specialties differ from country to country and the type of aero ambulance services being offered. Most American emergency flight operators, the aircraft is likely to have in-flight crew consisting of paramedics, respiratory therapists, emergency medical technicians, flight nurses and in some cases a doctor. Air operators that provide services to patients needing critical care have a higher population of physicians and nurses. In other cases, the crew may consist of a surgeon, trauma specialist and anesthetist. It is not surprising to encounter pediatrics and neonatal nurses on board the emergency flights. The pilots are highly qualified with accredited certifications that are internationally recognized. All medical and crew staff members are highly qualified and have many years of experience in the medical field. This is a great opportunity for people to benefit from air medical Ærø, emergency flights. This service literally saves lives.

Often a serious accident victim arrives at a local trama center with severe head and organ injuries that are beyond the medical skills of the local doctors on staff. At that point, a call is routinely made to an air medical Ærø service requesting an emergency flight to a different city that has the medical skills and the equipment to treat the critically injured patient. Within minutes a crew from Medevac, an air ambulance service, arrives on the scene and prepares the patient for a quick flight to the new destination. This air ambulance service not only provides emergency medical flight service for land-based emergencies but is often called for medical emergencies on river and ocean accidents. Often this life flight is the difference between life and death.

Civilian air ambulance services have been providing important medical assistance to communities throughout the US since 1972. Air Ambulance Services Ærø provides state of the art in-transit medical treatment to critically sick patients. When a traditional ambulance cannot reach a patient easily or quickly, an air ambulance is the best alternative. Air Ambulance Services Ærø is more than just a way to get the patient to the hospital - it is medical air transport. Air ambulances are outfitted with lifesaving medical equipment and are equipped for advanced life support. Knowledgeable air ambulance crews are generally required to have more knowledge and experience than a typical paramedic. Due to the challenging circumstances of emergency medical air transport, air ambulance pilots are required to have high levels of accreditation.

Tips for Chartering a Jet to South Denmark

Private jet charters can give you the same piece of mind as owning your own private jet without all of the expense involved in owning your own planes. Purchasing a jet for yourself or a fleet of jets for your company is a major investment. Besides the initial cost involved in buying a jet their is also the maintenance to think about. You have the purchase fee, then there is the cost for someone to take care of the maintenance and upkeep and then there is the cost of someone to drive the plane for you. With private jet charters you will get the same luxury and convenience as having you own jet without all of the expense. Whether you are going to South Denmark for a vacation or across the country for a business meeting make traveling as simple and comfortable as possible by using private jet charters.

The air ambulance services are designed to provide medevac services to those in need. It is usually used to transport patients to hospitals in case of a medical emergency. This system is good in the sense that it ensures that the patients receive very prompt medical assistance. The patients are quickly transported through emergency flights to a hospital and receive urgent medical attention in the process. The medical air transport systems are very beneficial when it comes to dealing with long distance and remote areas. These services are highly recommended for the cadre of people who travel extensively. The chances of getting urgent medical support in case of an emergency are greatly increased. Air medical Ærø provide medical assistance where the traditional ambulances cannot reach.

Large Airports in Denmark

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aalborg Airport Aalborg AAL
Billund Airport Billund BLL
Copenhagen Kastrup Airport Copenhagen CPH

Medium Airports in Denmark

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aarhus AirportAarhusAAR
Bornholm AirportRønneRNN
Copenhagen Roskilde AirportCopenhagenRKE
Esbjerg AirportEsbjergEBJ
Karup AirportKarupKRP
Kolding Vamdrup AirportKolding / VamdrupVDP
Lolland Falster Maribo AirportLolland Falster / MariboMRW
Odense AirportOdenseODE
Sønderborg AirportSønderborgSGD
Sindal AirportSindalCNL
Skive AirportSkiveSQW
Stauning AirportSkjern / RingkøbingSTA
Thisted AirportThistedTED
Vandel Air BaseVandelEKVA
Vojens Skrydstrup AirportVojensSKS

Small Airports in Denmark

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aars AirportAarsEKVH
Allerød AirportAllerødEKAL
Anholt AirportAnholtEKAT
Avnø Air BaseAvnøEKAV
Ærø AirportÆrøEKAE
Endelave West AirportEndelaveEKEL
Fur AirportFurEKFU
Grønholt Hillerød AirportGrønholtEKGH
Grena AirportGrenaEKGR
Haderslev AirportHaderslevEKHV
Hadsund AirportHadsundEKHS
Herning AirportHerningEKHG
Holbaek (Ny Hagested) AirportHolbaekEKHK
Kalundborg AirportKalundborgEKKL
Korsør AirportKorsørEKKO
Kostervig Mon AirportKosterEKMN
Kruså-Padborg AirportKruså / PadborgEKPB
Læsø AirportLæsøBYR
Lemvig AirportLemvigEKLV
Lindtorp AirportHolstebroEKHO
Morsø Airport, TødsøMorsøEKNM
Nakskov AirportNaksnovEKNS
Randers AirportRandersEKRD
Rarup AirportRarupEKRA
Ringsted AirportRingstedEKRS
Ro AirportRoEKRR
Samsø AirportSamsøEKSS
Sæby (Ottestrup) AirportSæbyEKSA
Spjald AirportSpjaldEKSD
Sydfy (Tasinge) AirportTasingeEKST
Tønder AirportTønderEKTD
Vaerlose Air BaseKirke VaerloseEKVL
Viborg AirportViborgEKVB