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Air ambulance service Espargos: efficient medical transportation

If you have been involved in a major accident, and need air ambulance service Espargos, in order to get to the right hospital, medical air transport Espargos, is the best way to ensure to get the patient to the Correct hospital, and ensure they are properly treated in time. Air transport for medical ambulance services is a great way to ensure a patient who is severely ill, or needs to visit a certain hospital which is the only place to get the required medical treatment, is a great way to ensure that patients will get to the hospital in time, and before its too late. This is the quickest way to make sure a patient is taken care of, or to deliver medical supplies to another hospital, and make sure they get to the required location on time.

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Air ambulance service Espargos: efficient medical transportation

When medical emergencies happen, quick action is required. As much as one is provided with first aid relief services, a patient could require urgent medical attention. There are times where a patient has to be moved from one medical facility to another for emergency medical services. At such a point the road system may not be beneficial due to the long distance and the urgency. These situations call for medical air transportation system.Air ambulance services are fitted with high quality medical equipment and highly credible medical staff who are experienced enough to handle all sorts of medical emergency cases. It is worth mentioning that the air ambulance service Espargos firms have provided exemplary services when called upon. Most of the hospitals have a detailed list of organizations that handle air ambulance transportation services.

Medium Airports in Cape Verde

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Amílcar Cabral International AirportEspargosSID
Maio AirportVila do MaioMMO
Praia International AirportPraiaRAI
Preguiça AirportPreguiçaSNE
Rabil AirportRabilBVC
São Pedro AirportSão PedroVXE

Small Airports in Cape Verde

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Agostinho Neto AirportPonta do SolNTO
Mosteiros AirportVila do MosteirosMTI
São Filipe AirportSão FilipeSFL