Pruzhany Air Base Emergency Flight Service

Pruzhany Air Base Details

Location: Pruzhany, Brest Voblast

Type: Small Airport

Scheduled Service: No


Elevation: Feet

Latitude: 52.5823

Longitude: 24.3799

Air ambulance services to Pruzhany Air Base: Fast and reliable

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Air ambulance services to Pruzhany Air Base: Fast and reliable

Air ambulances provide emergency medical in the air while quickly transporting the patient to the nearest hospital. Ambulance services Pruzhanyis equipped with state of the art medical equipment to grow the likelihood of a patient surviving a critical medical situation. Today's network of traffic congestion is wide spread and growing. It is a constant challenge for the land transport personnel to get their patient to the hospital during those critical first life and death minutes. The air ambulance can fly directly to the hospital without any vehicular obstacles in their path. The highly trained and experienced medical personnel is available to stabilize the patient's condition and inform the hospital emergency personnel about the patient's needs. Many lives have been saved thanks to the medevac emergency system.

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