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Air ambulance services Abu ad Duhur: Excellent medevac services

If you are taking a trip by airplane, you might want to consider the services of a private jet charter from Abu ad Duhur instead. Although you may think it isn't affordable, if you book in advance, call a few private companies, and find the best deals, it is a great way to save money, and still get the most comfortable method of travel. Especially if you book in advance, you will be guarnateed to save money on these services. Or, if you travel with a group of people you know, and split the cost between 5-10 friends, it will really be worth the cost. In fact, it will likely be cheaper than flying on a regular plane; but, you will be much more comfortable, and get to your destination much faster than by plane.

Air ambulance services Abu ad Duhur: Excellent medevac services

It is impossible for anyone to tell when he or she may need urgent medical transportation services. The road ambulances have proven effective over the years though there are specific situations that call for air ambulance services.Medical emergencies are caused by a host of factors such as accidents and pre existing medical conditions. These situations demand urgent action such as medical air transport. In some cases, the medical emergencies could be in a remote area and hence the use of the air ambulance services becomes a prerequisite. This form of medical transport has received high accolades due to its promptness and reliability. Many lives have been saved through the use of the efficient air ambulance service Abu ad Duhur. The response unit of the medical air ambulances acts very fast once they receive a distress call.

One of the examples that is optimum for the air ambulance service is that besides being useful it is also required by so many hospitals all over the area. Consider the example of a patient who needs to get the organ transplant done. The person could be staying in air ambulance services Abu ad Duhur while the donor who is the most suitable lives in another city which is at a distance from the city of the patient. During such a case the hospital does require that the organ get transplanted in less than 24 hours. This is when the emergency flight or also known as Medevac comes most in handy as it can easily go to the city of the donor and get the liver and have it sent to the hospital of the patient to get the surgery done right away in the period that is allotted. This particular distance might also be too long for a helicopter to go back and forth

Large Airports in Syria

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aleppo International Airport Aleppo ALP
Bassel Al-Assad International Airport Latakia LTK
Damascus International Airport Damascus DAM

Medium Airports in Syria

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abu ad Duhur Air BaseAbu ad DuhurOS57
Afis Air BaseAfisSY-0001
Al Qusayr Air BaseAl-QusayrOS70
An Nasiriyah Air BaseOS64
Deir ez-Zor AirportDeir ez-ZorDEZ
Kamishly AirportKamishlyKAC
Khalkhalah Air BaseBuraqOS69
Palmyra AirportPMS

Small Airports in Syria

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Al Al AirportOS73
As Suwayda West Air BaseAs SuwaydaOS60
Dumayr Air BaseOS61
Hamah Air BaseOS58
Jirah Air BaseOS62
Marj Ruhayyil Air BaseMarj RuhayyilOS63
Mezze AirportOS67
Minakh Air BaseAzazOS71
Rasin El Aboud AirportOS66
Saiqal Air BaseSaiqalOS68
Shayrat Air BaseShayratOS65
Tabqa AirportOS59
Tiyas Air BaseTiyasOS72