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Air Ambulance services South Banat: Saving lives

Time and distance, after a serious accident, may mean the difference between life and death. An air medical flightSouth Banat from a distant city lacking specialized medical treatment or from a remote accident site can make a significant difference in the medical outcome of a crtically injured patient. Within moments of receiving the emergency call an emergency flight crew, the pilot and perhaps a skilled medical crew, will arrive on scene and within minutes the critically injured or ill patient is on the way to a new destination. Even elderly tourists, or any tourist, suffering a stroke, a heart attack or a serious injury on a river boat or an ocean liner, can be picked by Medivac, an air ambulance service, an taken to an onshore hospital.

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Air Ambulance services South Banat: Saving lives

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It is impossible for someone to tell when he or she may need urgent medical transportation services. The road ambulances have proven effective over the years though there are specific situations that call for air ambulance services.Medical emergencies are caused by a host of factors such as accidents and pre existing medical conditions. These situations demand urgent action such as medical air transport. In some cases, the medical emergencies could be in a remote area and hence the use of the air ambulance services becomes a prerequisite. This form of medical transport has received high accolades due to its promptness and reliability. Many lives have been saved through the use of the efficient air ambulance service South Banat. The response unit of the medical air ambulances acts very fast once they receive a distress call.

Large Airports in Serbia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrad BEG

Medium Airports in Serbia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Batajnica Air BaseBatajnicaBJY
Nis AirportNisINI

Small Airports in Serbia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Bela Crkva AirportBela CrkvaRS-0001
Bojnik AirportBojnikRS-0002
Bor AirportLY89
Cenej AirportNovi SadQND
Kovin AirportLY87
Ladevci AirportKraljevoLYKV
Ponikve AirportUZC
Vršac International AirportLYVR