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Air ambulance services Ianca: Excellent medevac services

It is imperative that every council member step forward to endorse the approval of medical air transport Ianca. Air ambulances can routinely be the reason someone survives an incident, or not. Because of their small sizes, these flying saviors will work well in both our commercial and more rural areas. Having the abilities to bypass traffic and to travel great distances at fast speeds, ensure quick transport to local or larger regional hospitals for accident victims. These services do not replace standard ambulances, rather they work in tandem to ensure the best and most efficient service possible. For example, in a large multi-vehicle accident, both van and air ambulance will head for the scene. Highly critical patients will be taken via air, while those more stable will go by land. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Air ambulance services Ianca: Excellent medevac services

The word medevac is familiar to many people but few have needed its services. Typically most people are transported to the hospital by land ambulance. The air ambulance is coming into use more often as traffic gridlock in big cities is causing issues for the ambulance to reach the hospital in time to save the patient's life. Ambulance services Ianca provides the patient a fighting chance to survive an emergency health situation. The expert medical staff onboard are able to stabilize their condition and provide the ready care the patient needs. They are able to give the emergency room personnel in the hospital more time to prepare for emergency surgery increasing the likelihood of the patient surviving the medical emergency. Many a life has been saved thanks to air ambulance services.

Studies have proven that the number of health related air collisions have risen in the recent past. This tendency is quite unsettling with the trend commencing in the early 90's and the figures doubling by the year 2005. A safety report that was released showed that a total of fifty percent of the medical emergency death of the staffs took place in the air ambulances. This warranted the government to come up with strategies to counteract this. The air ambulance services Ianca are now outfitted with excellent emergency room equipment and competent staffs have been hired to deal with all kinds of medical related emergencies. It is worth noting that the air ambulance services have played a contributory role in saving lives that would have otherwise been lost. They provide excellent medevac services that ensures that the patients receive urgent medical attention.

Large Airports in Romania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest OTP

Medium Airports in Romania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Arad International AirportAradARW
Bacău AirportBacăuBCM
Băneasa International AirportBucharestBBU
Boboc Air BaseBobocLR82
Caransebeş AirportCaransebeşCSB
Câmpia Turzii Air BaseCâmpia TurziiLRCT
Cluj-Napoca International AirportCluj-NapocaCLJ
Craiova AirportCraiovaCRA
Feteşti Air BaseFeteştiLR80
Iaşi AirportIaşiIAS
Ianca Air BaseIancaLR79
Mihail Kogălniceanu International AirportConstanţaCND
Oradea International AirportOradeaOMR
Satu Mare AirportSatu MareSUJ
Sibiu International AirportSibiuSBZ
Suceava Stefan cel Mare AirportSuceavaSCV
Tautii Magheraus AirportBaia MareBAY
Timişoara Traian Vuia AirportTimişoaraTSR
Transilvania Târgu Mureş International AirportTârgu MureşTGM
Tulcea AirportTulceaTCE

Small Airports in Romania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Tuzla Romania AirportLRTZ