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Air ambulance services Hodh el Charbi: For all you medical emergency needs

The air ambulance services are usually in touch with highly reputable medical facilities. This is why such medevac services are extremely useful when dealing with medical emergencies. The staff is well trained to handle unpredictable situations that may arise in the cause of their rescue mission. The staffs have been trained in life saving techniques and highly implement such knowledge during the rescue missions. The Air medical Aioun El Atrouss provide their services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week with no exception to weekends or public holidays. They have emergency flights in place to respond to the needs of the clients. It is worth mentioning that the interior part of the air ambulance is quite similar to the emergency room of a hospital. This equipment is aimed at providing the patients with first aid services as they are transported to the hospital.

Air ambulance services Hodh el Charbi: For all you medical emergency needs

Flying first class is fine for some. You, however, deserve more. The dream of flying on your own personal jet is now within your grasp. Imagine being able to skip the hassle at the airport involved in flying commercial. No more ticket counters. No more waiting at the gate. No more layovers. No more delays. This level of service and luxury was once only available to those able to put up tens of millions to buy and maintain their own jet. Now private jet charters can offer you all the advantages of owning your own jet without all the cost. Whether it is that conference in Hodh el Charbi or that trip to Hodh el Charbi you have been planning, a private jet charter is the only way to go.

If you are taking a trip by plane, you might want to consider the services of a private jet charter from Hodh el Charbi instead. Although you may think it isn't affordable, if you book in advance, call a few private companies, and find the best deals, it is a great way to save money, and still get the most comfortable mode of travel. Especially if you book in advance, you will be guarnateed to save money on these services. Or, if you travel with a group of people you know, and split the cost between 5-10 friends, it will really be worth the cost. In fact, it will likely be cheaper than flying on a regular plane; but, you will be much more comfortable, and get to your destination much faster than by plane.

When medical emergencies arise, quick action is required. As much as one is provided with first aid relief services, a patient could require urgent medical attention. There are cases where a patient has to be moved from one medical facility to another for emergency medical services. At such a point the road system may not be beneficial due to the long distance and the urgency. These situations call for medical air transportation system.Air ambulance services are fitted with high quality medical equipment and highly credible medical staff who are experienced enough to handle all sorts of medical emergency cases. It is worth mentioning that the air ambulance service Aioun El Atrouss firms have provided exemplary services when called upon. Most of the hospitals have a detailed list of organizations that handle air ambulance transportation services.

Medium Airports in Mauritania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Atar International AirportAtarATR
Nouadhibou International AirportNouadhibouNDB
Nouakchott International AirportNouakchottNKC

Small Airports in Mauritania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abbaye AirportBogheBGH
Aioun el Atrouss AirportAioun El AtroussAEO
Akjoujt AirportAkjoujtAJJ
Bir Moghrein AirportBir MoghreinGQPT
Boutilimit AirportBoutilimitOTL
Dahara AirportTimbredaGQNM
Fderik AirportFderikFGD
Kaédi AirportKaédiKED
Kiffa AirportKiffaKFA
Letfotar AirportMoudjeriaMOM
Néma AirportNémaEMN
Sélibaby AirportSélibabySEY
Tamchakett AirportTamchakettTHT
Tazadit AirportZouérateOUZ
Tichitt AirportTichittTHI
Tidjikja AirportTidjikjaTIY
Timbedra AirportTimbedraTMD