G 237 Airport Emergency Flight Service

G 237 Airport Details

Location: , Gang'weondo

Type: Small Airport

Scheduled Service: No

Local Code: RK15

GPS Code: RK15

Elevation: 510 Feet

Latitude: 38.1547

Longitude: 127.313

Runways at G 237 Airport

G 237 Airport has 1 runway.

1 3900 Feet200 FeetGRENo

Radio Frequencies

G 237 Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.


Why You Should Fly Charter to G 237 Airport

Why You Should Fly Charter to G 237 Airport

Air ambulance services come in handy during emergency situations. Such situations include horrible accidents where injuries sustained are too severe and the victim is at risks of getting more sick if moved from the accident scene by road through the use of the traditional ambulances. If for instance the road to be used is too rough and the terrain will cause the patient to move too much and is supposed to be as stable as possible then emergency flights will be necessary. Many people are considering air medical Gang'weondo, emergency flights as part of their medical plan. Another emergency situation that may require air medical attention is when transportation by road will take a long time to deliver the service and the victim is in immediate medical care. Air ambulances are quicker than traveling by road and they can cover great distances within a shorter period of time. They also respond better to emergencies since they are better equipped as compared to the traditional ambulances.

One of the reasons why an air ambulance service is really important is because of the following. A person could be on getaway at air ambulance services Gang'weondo and unfortunately there is some medical emergency that needs to be attended to like a heart attack, third degree burns or kidney failure or even a spinal fracture. This does require some immediate amount of attention as well as the best physicians who will be able to do anything about it. This could just be one of the top most reasons as to why the air ambulance service is extremely essential making sure that the suffering patient is been taken care of and is taken immediately to the most trusted professionals for further treatment. There is no time to waste in such situations therefore even the emergency fllight has everything equipped for treatment right away.

If you have an offshore, water based business, having a standing contract with a medical air transport service is a need. Whether you're involved in deep sea fishing, crabbing or oil drilling, accidents arise and always, it seems, at the worst of moments. While many can be easily dealt with onsite, in the event of true physical trauma, bringing an injured worker to a place of treatment may take many hours of agonizing pain or physical distress. Not so with a medical helicopter. With an air medical transport service on constant standby, you give your employees and their families the surety that you've prepared for the worst disaster. Since the helicopters are on retainer and not purchased, only a monthly rate is charged and you're free of the worries of insurance, storage and other associated costs. Call to set up a contract today for air ambulance Gang'weondo today.