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Air ambulance services (unassigned): handling emergencies

Air ambulance services (unassigned): handling emergencies

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There are a good number of reasons that would make one hire a private jet. The convenience and luxury is simply amazing, though one would have to part with a high price for this. Using private jet rentals to (unassigned) can be such a time saver in comparison to using the usual commercial airliner. This is because with the private plane airlines, there is no queuing. One is taken straight to his or her private jet rental and boarding is done immediately. The private jets come in handy when you are really late for an appointment to a certain destination. You can pick the time the private jet should leave the destination. The option to use the private jet back to your destination will depend on you. For total convenience, try the private charter jets.

Medium Airports in Falkland Islands

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Mount Pleasant AirportMount PleasantMPN
Stanley AirportStanleyPSY

Small Airports in Falkland Islands

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Carcass Island Landing StripCarcass IslandFK-0011
Fox Bay Landing StripFox BayFK-0001
Goose Green AirfieldGoose GreenFK-0005
Pebble Island Landing StripPebble Island SettlementFK-0002
Port Howard Landing StripPort Howard SettlementFK-0009
Port San Carlos Landing StripPort San CarlosFK-0008
Roy Cove Landing StripRoy CoveFK-0006
Saunders Island Landing StripSaunders Island SettlementFK-0010
Sea Lion Island Landing StripSea Lion IslandFK-0003
Spring Point Landing StripSpring Point SettlementFK-0007
West Point Island Landing StripWest Point IslandFK-0004