Ghafah Airport Emergency Flight Service

Ghafah Airport Details

Location: , Ash Sharqiyah

Type: Small Airport

Scheduled Service: No

Local Code: OE55

GPS Code: OE55

Elevation: 699 Feet

Latitude: 21.227

Longitude: 55.2673

Runways at Ghafah Airport

Ghafah Airport has 1 runway.

1 6915 Feet99 FeetASPNo

Air ambulance services Ash Sharqiyah: the convenience

Civilian air ambulance services have been providing vital medical assistance to communities throughout the US since 1972. Air Ambulance Services Ash Sharqiyah provides state of the art in-transit medical treatment to critically ill patients. When a traditional ambulance cannot reach a patient easily or quickly, an air ambulance is the best alternative. Air Ambulance Services Ash Sharqiyah is more than just a way to get the patient to the hospital - it is medical air transport. Air ambulances are outfitted with lifesaving medical equipment and are equipped for advanced life support. Knowledgeable air ambulance crews are generally required to have more knowledge and experience than a typical paramedic. Due to the challenging circumstances of emergency medical air transport, air ambulance pilots are required to have high levels of accreditation.

Air ambulance services Ash Sharqiyah: the convenience

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Air ambulances provide an invaluable service to people who have only minute to live. They must have emergency medical services as soon as possible. The speed in which medical help reaches them is imperative. Medical air transport Ash Sharqiyah is equipped with state of the art medical equipment. Their flight and medical staff is well trained and experienced to handle round the clock emergency calls. Cardiac patients, accident victims and children with chronic medical diseases are quickly taken long distances to specialized medical facilities focused on their particular health needs. Saving time means saving lives. There is no gridlock at the altitudes the air ambulance flies. Unlike on land where gridlock can triple the time it takes a land ambulance to reach their destination. The air ambulance is a welcome addition to the health services that communities provide.