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Air ambulance services Ajrestan: Dealing with Unexpected Emergency Health Care issues

Important business trip? Romantic getaway? The ultimate bachelor party? Why spoil everything by dealing with chaotic airports? Over the years airports have gotten more ridiculous, you do have alternatives. Relax and enjoy your guests on board a beautiful private jet. Imagine complete luxury and world-class catering for Orūzgān Province or why not Orūzgān Province. Safety and opulence combine when you charter a private jet. Be able to fully concentrate on business with your colleagues or bosses. Start your sensual holiday in blissful conversation without any disturbances. Spacious and affordable private jets can turn a regular vacation into a truly spectacular journey. Why not do yourself a favor? Thousands of destinations and packages await you. Learn what so many already know. Charter jets are the only suitable way for you to fly.

Air ambulance services Ajrestan: Dealing with Unexpected Emergency Health Care issues

Looking for the best jet for short trips, with the luxury and comfort of a heavy jet? The Westwind 1 and the Westwind 2 are great choices for a luxurious and comfortable two to three hour trip. These crafts can seat 7-9 passengers, with plenty of room to spare (depending on cabin configuration) and it has a bounty of space for all of your luggage needs. If you are planning a trip from Orūzgān Province to Orūzgān Province, this is the perfect jet for the voyage; it has an abundance of spacious, better than first class seating, minimal cabin noise, and above average storage for luggage. For a two and a half hour flight, you will travel with ease and comfort, to and from any destination you choose.

When medical emergencies arise, quick action is required. As much as one is provided with first aid relief services, a patient would require urgent medical attention. There are cases where a patient has to be moved from one medical facility to another for emergency medical services. At such a point the road system may not be beneficial due to the long distance and the urgency. These situations call for medical air transportation system.Air ambulance services are fitted with high quality medical equipment and highly credible medical staff who are experienced enough to handle all sorts of medical emergency cases. It is worth mentioning that the air ambulance service Ajrestan firms have provided exemplary services when called upon. Most of the hospitals have a detailed list of organizations that handle air ambulance transportation services.

Medium Airports in Afghanistan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Bagram Air BaseBagramOAIX
Herat AirportHEA
Jalalabad AirportJAA
Kabul International AirportKabulKBL
Kandahar AirportKDH
Konduz AirportUND
Maimana AirportMMZ
Mazar I Sharif AirportMZR

Small Airports in Afghanistan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Ajrestan AirportAjrestanAF-0001
Andkhoi AirportAndkhoiOAAK
Bamiyan AirportBamiyanBIN
Bost AirportBostBST
Camp Bastion AirportOAZI
Chakcharan AirportChakcharanCCN
Charikar AirportAF-0003
Darwaz AirportDarwazDAZ
Dehdadi AirportAF-0002
Dostmohammadkhan Kalay AirportAF-0004
Faizabad AirportFaizabadFBD
Farah AirportFarahFAH
Gardez AirportOAKA
Ghazni AirportOAGN
Helmand AirportAF04
Khojaghar AirportKhojagharOAKG
Khost AirportKhostKHT
Khvej Ghar North AirportAF06
Khvej Ghar South AirportAF07
Khwahan AirportKhwahanKWH
Kotubkhel AirportAF08
Kron Monajn AirportKron MonajnOAQM
Lal (Sarjangal) AirportOALL
Logar AirportOALG
Mukur AirportOAMK
Nayak AirportAF09
Nili AirportOANL
Oruzgan AirportAF10
Panyab AirportOAPJ
Qala-I-Naw AirportQala-I-NawLQN
Razer AirportOARZ
Rustag AirportOART
Salerno Landing Zone AirportAF11
Sardeh Band AirportOADS
Sarhawdza Landing Zone AirportAF12
Sharona AirstripSharonaOASA
Sheber Too Landing Zone AirportAF13
Sheberghan AirportOASG
Sheghnan AirportSheghnanSGA
Shindand AirportOASD
Talolqan AirportTaloqanOATQ
Tapa AirportAF14
Teh Wareh AirportOATW
Tereen AirportTereenTII
Urgun AirportOAOG
Yakawlang (Yakolang) AirportOAYL
Yangi Qala AirportOAYQ
Yawan AirportOAYW
Zaranj AirportZaranjZAJ